AI-Powered Search Engine Marketing

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AI-Powered Search Engine Marketing

AI-Powered Search Engine Marketing

Our cutting edge AI-Powered Search Engine Marketing solutions act as growth catalysts for any B2B SaaS looking to upscale their brand’s MRR performance 3x faster. 

Creative Ideas in an AI-Driven World

Algocentric Digital is the creative force in a digital marketing world headed towards AI-driven automation. Creative human genius is at the heart of our tactics and strategy, backed by data-informed decisions. 

Result-Driven Marketing Outcomes Grow MRR

We think that by marrying our AI-Powered solutions with outcome based pay-per-conversion marketing, this creates a truly transparent partnership that reinforces scalable performance-based business outcomes that grow your B2B SaaS MRR.


True Partnership in B2B SaaS Growth 

  1. Omnichannel or cross-channel optimization and reporting
  2. AI-Powered bid management that efficiently manages budgets to reduce Marketing Qualified Cost Per Lead significantly
  3. Focusing on industry best practices, proper account structures built by Facebook and Google certified in-house professionals that truly understand performance marketing  
  4. Full service account management
  5. Multivariate ad-copy testing
  6. AI-Powered multivariate landing page testing to accelerate conversion rates
  7. AI-Powered audience management solutions that help discover top converting audiences and use explorative learning to exploit high-converting audiences that grow your MRR faster
  8. Use Google’s ML power to drive superior performance from high-converting Lookalike audiences, custom audiences, In-Market Audiences, Affinity Audiences, Custom Intent Audiences, Similar Audiences and highly segmented remarketing audiences, layered on top of your laser-targeted campaigns. 


Strategic Social, Search & Display Marketing

  1. Using AI-Powered tech to automatically bid up and down across audience signals on Google, Bing, Facebook or Linkedin leveraging: 
    • Specific zip codes, city, province or country targeting
    • Laser targeted social, search or video campaigns that utilize In-Market, Affinity, Custom Intent and Similar Audiences that show propensity to engage with your brand
    • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices 
    • Day-Parting on every campaign to grow efficiencies & reduce CAC  
    • Leveraging Facebook’s ML and Google’s ML to tap into the targeting power of searcher’s history alongside social and behavioural signals from users on both Google or Facebook. 
  2. This ensures we reach a high-intent customer when they’re ready to engage with your B2B SaaS brand at the perfect time, on the right device within correct context.


Digital Ad Campaign Optimization To Maximize Performance

  1. Leading machine learning optimization tech centered around smart campaign performance that leads to unprecedented digital ad campaign results for every B2B SaaS client we work with
  2. SEM optimization across search and display on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and Microsoft Ads
  3. AI-Powered budget optimization for search and display. Move marketing dollars every hour where it matters most to hit higher ROI.
  4. Maximize the impact of every dollar across search and display intelligently and on-autopilot
  5. Scale your MQLs performance faster and close deals sooner to grow your SaaS in months not years

CustomerSuccess stories

Chris Watson – Head of Marketing at Codify

Algocentric Digital delivered consistent growth for us during the engagement by delivering high quality MQLs at a consistent CPL, significantly reducing business risk for us. Their performance marketing program was a good fit for our SaaS as we looked to scale it past the 1 year mark. We highly recommend this program to any B2B SaaS company struggling to gain traction with paid search or paid social marketing, have a fair marketing budget and want to scale.

John Simmons – VP of Marketing at Cybercloud

Algocentric Digital Consultancy helped us establish better KPIs that we previously overlooked, while helping us reduce our CPL costs by 125%. We increased our monthly MQLs from 200 to 480, without increasing budget. Their approach helped us tremendously in growing our MRR faster without pulling away marketing budgets from other channels as we looked to increase MRR. They truly are a premium partner who offer white glove service.

Sarah  – VP of Marketing at DigitalBrain

We partnered with Algocentric Digital Consultancy to improve our demand generation program. Paid media is a channel we didn’t see much growth from before joining forces. Their AI-Powered Pay-Per-Performance program helped us uncover precious opportunities and find new efficiencies within our program that we weren’t able to accurately identify before we locked arm with their genius marketing team. Their pay-per-performance program was a great fit for us.

Algocentric Digital Consultancy

Download our AI-Powered SEM Playbook and accelerate your B2B demand generation program by following strategies and tactics from top paid search experts in the SaaS space. 

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