Web Design, Facebook Marketing & PPC/SEM For A Web Studio

We designed a high converting website, implemented Facebook Marketing along with Search Engine Marketing on Google and Bing. To top if off, we closed the cold traffic loop with re-marketing campaigns on Google, Bing and Facebook.

Web Studio Website Design

This client’s biggest challenge was bringing in relevant business in the digital arena and getting them to convert online. Their business was heavily influenced by referrals, digital and print media. However, it wasn’t predictable enough for them to sustain and grow their business every quarter. This is when we stepped in to propose a digital strategy to help them bring in relevant leads from Google and Facebook.

To help the studio close relevant business online, the first thing we set out to do is to take a deeper dive into their conversion paths by segmenting and analyzing their Google Analytics data. We wanted to understand user behaviour on the site and how we could help redesign the site that would drive the user experience to conversion faster than ever before.

This meant organizing information in a way that eliminates roadblocks for the user on their path to conversion and reduces the “noise”.

We set out to modernize the feel and look of the website, make it visually appealing easy to navigate and give it a new structure. Judging by the initial design, there were a lot of irrelevant elements and misplaced content that created roadblocks on the path to conversion. Irrelevant clutter and poor flow of information prompted the redesign and re-distribution of content to help the user find exactly what they’re after much quicker.

A big part of improving conversion rates is testing different call to actions and trying out different offers on different pages to understand what’s slowing and driving conversion behaviour. On top of that driving users from different paid media channels like, Facebook and Google we knew that removing unnecessary elements that take the user’s attention away from conversion would be essential.

Search Engine Marketing on Google and Bing

Search Engine Marketing was the main pillar of our strategy on both Google and Bing, followed by Facebook as the secondary source of lead generation. Our client was very heavily focused on getting B2B clients for e-commerce, web-design and other web-development projects they were previously struggling to acquire online.

Thus, we set up high-intent lead generation search campaigns on Google and Bing. Tracking every single piece of data religiously daily, we were able to pinpoint which keywords brought us business and also understand why.

We analyzed specific elements of our campaigns to understand how they worked in tandem to ensure we got maximum exposure online so we can could bring in business every week for the client.

This means we kept a laser focus on our bids, geographical targeting that converted well, click-through rates, bounce rates, search impression share, conversion data pain points, traffic funnels, user behavior on the page and many other critical data components of the conversion process.

Our whole digital strategy had one single purpose in mind and it was to measure exactly where the conversions come from, how users behave when they convert or don’t convert on the page, why it works and ultimately how could we scale this quickly at an exponential rate without raising the cost per acquisition too high.

Facebook Lead Generation CPM Campaigns

Our secret sauce to lead generation on Facebook for our client was utilizing the following elements in our strategy:

  • doing deep research into the prospects mind on social media and Google
  • using cutting edge social listening software to understand our prospect’s mind
  • utilizing third party optimization software for Facebook
  • targeting the critical decision makers based on our deep research insights
  • doing 250+ split tests across all ad groups by segmenting prospects’ interests and pairing them to different mobile devices and testing each segment separately
  • Testing CPA on Instagram and Facebook separately
  • Testing age groups and gender by pairing them with different interests.

All these elements have been tested by utilizing the right tools that helped us optimize and create highly targeted campaigns on Facebook. Asking the right “pain questions” from our prospects in the form of highly engaging video content was another key component in the success of our strategy.

Overall, we were able to increase the amount of leads by 40% within three months on the same budget and maintain the quality of leads, while increasing business for our client in the e-commerce website design space.

Results Algocentric Achieved For The Client

Website Development

A/B Split Testing

Google SEM

Bing SEM

Facebook Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization




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