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AI-Powered Pay-Per-Performance Marketing | Cybercloud

AI-Powered Pay-Per-Performance Marketing

Marketing Challenge:

This client’s biggest challenge was bringing in highly relevant business leads from digital initiatives and getting them to convert online. Their business was heavily influenced by referrals and some off-line initiatives.

However, it wasn’t predictable enough for them to sustain and grow their business quarterly. This is when Algocentric Digital in to propose a digital pay-per-performance strategy to help them bring in relevant leads from paid search and paid social. This was a transparent pay-per-lead approach that brought in a high level of transparency and accountability from both sides.


AI-Powered SEM and Display Advertising on Google and Bing


Marketing Solution:

Search Engine Marketing was the main pillar of our strategy on both Google and Bing. was heavily focused on getting B2B clients for their AI-Powered SaaS platform as they were struggling to reach the right audiences. They were looking to acquire relevant B2B agency leads through search and display channels to improve demo conversion rates.

Thus, we set up high-intent lead generation search and display campaigns on Google and Bing, targeting specific types of behavior. Layering audiences on top of our search campaigns and utilizing the power machine learning to optimize bidding helped us tap into efficiencies. Tracking every single KPI daily, we were able to pinpoint which keywords brought us business and also understand why it worked so we could improve upon the data.

By enabling our 10-point conversion tracking software we analyzed specific elements of our landing pages together with our campaigns to understand how they worked in tandem to ensure we could increase qualified leads every week for the client.

This means we kept a laser focus on our bidding strategies, geographical regions that converted well, click-through rates, bounce rates, market search impression share, conversion data pain points, traffic funnels, user behavior on the page and many other critical data components of the conversion process.

Our whole digital strategy had one single purpose in mind, and it was to measure exactly where the conversions come from, how users behave when they convert or don’t convert on the page, why it works. Ultimately, we wanted to use these data-informed insights to scale campaigns quickly at an exponential rate by keeping the cost per acquisition within a profitable range.


AI-Powered Paid Social Pay-Per-Lead Campaigns


Marketing Solution:

Our secret sauce to lead generation on Facebook for our client was utilizing the following elements in our strategy:

  • Doing deep research into the prospect’s mind on social media and Google
  • Using cutting edge social listening software to understand our prospect’s mind
  • Utilizing third-party AI optimization software for Facebook
  • Targeting the critical decision-makers based on our deep research insights
  • Doing 250+ split tests across all ad groups by segmenting prospects’ interests and pairing them to different mobile devices and testing each segment separately
  • Testing different social platforms separately
  • Testing age groups and gender by pairing them with different interests.

Algocentric Digital tested all these elements by utilizing the right tools that helped us optimize and create highly targeted campaigns across various paid social platforms. Asking the right “series of pain-related questions” from our prospects in the form of highly engaging video content was another key component in the success of our paid social strategy.


Marketing outcomes and results:

Overall, we were able to 5x the number of leads by within 8 months, while maintaining the quality of leads on the same budget, to increase business for our client in the cyber cloud space.