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AI-Powered SEM and Content Marketing Case Study | Codify

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AI-Powered SEM and Content Marketing Case Study | Codify

AI-Powered SEM & Content Marketing Strategy


Marketing Challenge:

Lack of highly targeted qualified inbound leads from paid and organic search channels. The Codify marketing team was looking to accelerate their SEM program to increase leads from paid marketing channels through Bing and Google Ads. In addition to that, increasing organic visibility was the second channel they were


Marketing Solution:

Search Engine Marketing was the main pillar behind driving leads for our client. Search engine visibility for this client was essentially non-existent because their lead system was largely based on organic referrals. Thus, our main priority was to design a keyword strategy that would drive potential business immediately.

Our AI-Powered SEM program was designed to test and implement an audience strategy that would drive highly qualified leads at an efficient CPA and significantly below market averages.

AI-Powered multivariate landing page testing was key to connecting the users with the brand’s message. Connecting In-Market audiences to specific landing page performance was at the heart of the strategy. All too often, different audience avatars react in a different manner to specific brand benefits or features. To effectively scale the client’s offer using high-converting audiences we needed to connect the dots between different audiences and specific brand benefits.

Certainly, the world of digital marketing is getting more and more complex every year as users are becoming savvier and do more competitor research online. We knew they would likely research multiple platforms at the same time, so we had to design an offer that was far more superior. That’s why our re-marketing display campaign was split testing a few different key messages to entice the prospect to click through to the landing page and engage further with the brand’s offer to continue their journey down the marketing funnel.

Crafting a message that allows the customer to create an emotional bond with the brand was the main pillar idea. This allowed us to research our audiences on a deeper level and design a compelling message that linked up the brand’s benefits to the prospect’s major adoption barriers.

This was a difficult task, but the CTRs continued to slowly rise and improve over time. It allowed us to reduce our cost-per-click every month, while steadily increasing conversion rates and growing marketing qualified leads.

To grow the remarketing lists and convert users we segmented them into customized remarketing audiences based on engagement and whether they were in the research, adoption or advocacy stage of the funnel. Search and display remarketing are an integral part of most SEM campaigns we deploy and enabling a seamless brand experience across channels we turned warm traffic into marketing qualified leads for the Codify marketing team.

To bridge the gap between curiosity and trust, we provided valuable content for a potential buyer, who was still in the research phase. By aligning the brand’s message through paid media with the buyer we facilitated an emotional connection during the entire span of the decision cycle. This helped us build a high level of trust to convert cold audiences into qualified buyers.

Furthermore, aligning campaign structure and audience strategy with Google’s Machine Learning algorithms we could generate more efficiencies across a multitude of variables. We were able to fully leverage the power of Google’s ML to understand our user’s behavior and align users’ behavioral signals across their search queries, cross-device activity, search location, time of day, search history, and YouTube content consumption to maximize the probability of conversion.


 AI-Powered Content Marketing & SEO


While content marketing is king, a solid backlinking strategy is a queen in the land of highly competitive organically ranked websites. This is not a secret today by any means, but many people don’t put in the time to research their competitive landscape and define the right approach to take with their content marketing.

Most people produce thin low-quality content that’s also lacking a unique perspective for every piece of pillar content they produce. AI-Powered content marketing, backed by extraordinary perspectives, is in our DNA. Thus, as our marketing geniuses developed an AI-Powered content marketing program for Codify, our content was focused on unique angles that addressed the user’s emotional adoption barriers. Using our AI-Powered answer engine we created value-driven content to address the user’s search query.

In addition to that we:

  • Evaluated topic gaps while improving content semantics,
  • Boosted page engagement through readability optimizations,
  • Addressed on-page title tag optimizations,
  • Increased average word count,
  • Addressed unique content pillar angles that were missing,
  • Provided AI-Powered content briefs to boost keyword rankings and search visibility.

This laser-focused approach allowed us to increase inbound marketing qualified leads for Codify. We aimed to go much further beyond ranking content. At the heart of our strategy, we created a truly value-driven experience that outweighs basic technical SEO optimizations or white hat link building activities that naturally boost rank. We put a strong emphasis on customer value optimizations to understand how content marketing ties into the whole digital ecosystem and Martech for our client.

To boost our program and solidify results over the long term we also deployed link building and technical SEO optimization as part of our strategy:

  • Improving site speed by minifying and removing code
  • Following Google’s best practice recommendations to boost speed
  • Adding footer links and social widgets
  • Social citation building
  • Link building outreach with relevant high-profile bloggers
  • Embedding highly relevant video links from YouTube
  • Optimizing content to include relevant statistics
  • Optimizing content around the user’s Value Journey


Marketing outcomes and results:

Our strategic SEM approach helped us yield a whopping 3x increase in qualified leads year-over-year. Our landing page conversion rates with SEM increased from 2.4% at the start of the SEM program to 7.2% across our account over a period of 12 months.

Our AI-Powered content creation and optimization program helped increase traffic by 370% from ~3,500 visitors a month to ~13,000+/month over the course of 16 months.

Constant refinement and optimizations for the whole account yielded wonderful results for the client.

If you’re looking to boost marketing qualified leads for your SaaS, get in touch with us today.