Top Dental SEO Service That Will Make Your Dental Practice Flourish

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Top Dental SEO Service That Will Make Your Dental Practice Flourish

Like any other business, Search Engine Optimization for a dental website is a mix of science and art and can make a great difference if done professionally. For any dental clinic to attract more clients, it is essential to utilize the correct search engine optimization tools in order to stay ahead of your local competition.

Why using dental SEO services is necessary to beat online competitors

It is a proven fact that a substantial number of clients looking for dental services begin their search on Google or other major search engines for any renowned or highly qualified local dentist.

Thus, it’s critical for a practicing dental clinic that your marketing strategy should be well-defined, strategic, consistent, and effective. It should enable your dental practice to be found by the right set of customers while searching online anytime of the day. This can be either through Google Ads or through organic Google listings.

Considering the cutthroat competition in the market today, in the online Google Ads space, it has become necessary for any practising dentist to be able to incorporate a dental SEO service strategy into their marketing efforts to constantly attract new patients to their clinic. The truth is, many successful clinics are already doing this effectively online and have been at it for years.


Importance of strategic dental SEO services

Many service providers in the dental industry today are working towards making their listing appear in the number one position on Google. However, it requires a lot of planning and robust SEO strategies to make this happen. Most of the search engines including Google constantly update their algorithm to deliver the most useful results to the users looking for relevant information online.

There are a number of digital agencies in the GTA offering exclusive dental SEO services to dental clinics daily and pushing some dental clinics to the top of Google’s rankings. At Algocentric Digital Consultancy, we understand the importance and need of dental SEO and strategically working towards positioning your dental practice at the top of major online engines. Our efforts are innovative, thoroughly researched, sustainable and focused based on consistency, accuracy, and long-term results.

We use various tools to ensure that our dental SEO efforts remain at the top of any search engine constantly for as long as you stay with us.

We use tools such as:

  • SEO Power Suite
  • Market Samurai
  • Term Explorer
  • Pro Rank Tracker
  • Screaming Frog
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Others that we don’t mention for competitive reasons

to track your rankings, assess the competitive landscape of local SEO, accurately assess local keyword-based searches, measure domain authority, on page SEO, off page SEO and link building strategies of local competitors. We also focus on optimization of your site content, including blogging, to drive maximum available quality traffic from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We track and measure your traffic sources utilizing all available tools in Google Analytics 360 suite and develop data enriched strategies based on our careful analysis to attain effective marketing results for your brand.


Importance of SEO for Dental Practitioners

Dental SEO is a highly efficient and beneficial way to get connected with the vast majority of potential patients looking for your dental practice online.

Since the dental service markets have an increasing search volume, year after year, online marketing strategies make it easier for you to connect with potential customers who are searching online. This is also the fastest medium for you to connect your dental brand to those searching for your dental practice.

Online dental marketing or local dental SEO is an important concept to learn and adopt for all dental practitioners to grow their customer base at a much faster rate, increase your online Google reach, and growth of your business.



Some important reasons why dental SEO is important for the growth of your dental practice are listed below:

  •   Using dental SEO services from a reputable company connects you to the right audience searching online for your dental service:

Our SEO services connect you and your dental clinic with the right audience looking for the dental services in your immediate local area. Our digital marketing consultancy has strong expertise in providing comprehensive and strategic digital marketing services for your dental practice, which not only includes the best use of SEO for enhancing the online traffic to your site, but helps you maximize your digital marketing results to boost your business growth.

Our dental SEO service allows the most used search engines like Google and Bing to rank your website at the top. This means people searching for content within the dental arena will likely come across your website. Beware of cheap SEO service companies not utilizing proper SEO techniques in this competitive landscape, as this will likely cause your dental website to get lost somewhere on the last page of Google among the sea of other poorly optimized websites with bad links, thin content and over-optimized sites.

  •   Dental SEO can enhance your dental website’s online reach to prospective customers through highly engaging optimized content

Algocentric’s dental SEO services allow you to be able to deliver relevant useful information about your dental practice, services, and other dental content to the perfect prospect. If you are a service provider with a range of other specialized dental services such as dental implant services, sedation or other related dental procedures, you definitely get a strategic advantage over your local competitors.

  •   Here is how using SEO services for your dental clinic will keep you ahead of the competition

For any business model including dentistry, a marketing plan should be inclusive of competitor’s strategies and ways to stay ahead of them. Algocentric’s dental SEO services works by regularly monitoring your competitor’s best and latest practices that makes your rankings consistently stay at the top of all major search engine rankings. We take their initiatives and include them in our strategy to ensure you outrank your competitors on some of the most competitive terms in the dental industry like dental veneers, cosmetic surgery and many other highly valuable terms.

  •   Long-term sustainability:

SEO has a strategic advantage through building a competitive advantage for a longer period unlike PPC, which is more short term and is based on real-time auctioning processes which are difficult to sustain for a long time. When it comes to PPC, although it can work quite well and give your business an immediate boost, if you stop advertising, your traffic disappears overnight along with leads that were coming through that channel. SEO is also an essential component in any digital marketing strategy because it often acts as a “closer”, while PPC channels often do the heavy lifting of introducing your prospect to your brand.

  •   Understanding the audience better:

When you utilize effective dental SEO techniques for your practice, this can help you gain valuable insights into your customer’s online behaviour in regards to their dental needs. It is an effective medium to understand the choices and preferences of your target audience, thereby allowing you to make the necessary adjustments in content & website’s structure accordingly.

  •   Cost effective strategy:

SEO is definitely a cost effective medium to enhance traffic to your website. With an increasing cost of pay per click ads, SEO is a welcome choice considering the fact that it makes a great difference in monthly fees for most people who want to engage online marketers. As a dentist running a dental practice, you can use this cost effective solution to create a sustainable traffic funnel of high quality leads for your business.

  •   More online traffic:

Users normally prefer organic listings over paid ones. Generally, the organic listings (SEO based) are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked as compared to the paid search results (Pay-Per-Click). With the increased number of users looking to find dental services, it has now become essential to use the services of a qualified SEO company to maximize your chances of being discovered online and seen as the best dental service locally.

  •   Long term investment:

Search engine optimization, once it’s implemented for your dental clinic, works for a long time to constantly generate online traffic and excellent business opportunities.

Dental SEO service is definitely a long term investment solution that many dentists are utilizing today if you do a simple Google search, and you should consider investing to reach an audience relevant to your practice.

  •   Return on investment:

SEO gives a better return on investment (ROI) to those in the dental industry. Also, dental SEO service is a one-time investment that gives significant results and is a must for anyone running a dental practice. It’s not a secret by any means that, users turn to organic results almost 70% of the time, while searching and deciding on a suitable service, so your business has to be there when micro moments happen.

  •   Increased Visibility:

SEO increases search visibility of your dental website substantially by being available on various search engines including the major ones like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.. This mean your website has a higher chance of being discovered across a variety of different search terms related to your industry.

  •   Building Trust:

Using dental SEO services to boost your website to the top can help build brand awareness and gain trust for your dental business, because Google ranked your business at the top. It is a far more effective and useful method for promoting a business as compared to the traditional alternatives like radio, TV or print media where trust is more difficult to obtain from cold prospects.

Dental SEO Services
Google Rankings and Dental SEO Services

Understanding how Google rankings work for dental SEO

  1. Crawling and Indexing
  •     Google navigates the web by crawling through 60 trillion individual pages.
  •     Google’s users follow links from page to page.
  •     Site owners can choose whether their sites are crawled and indexed.
  1. Google’s Algorithms and updates
  •   Google has a very secret algorithm formula it uses to deliver the best results possible to every searcher despite what they’re searching for.
  •   Algorithms get to work looking for clues to better understand what you mean by your search query and are constantly being updated by Google in response to user’s behaviour online.
  •   Based on specific algorithm rules, Google pulls relevant information from its indexed database to serve the best results. Then, it ranks the results using over 300 factors.
  •   Google looks at your site structure, page code quality, page speed, content quality, bounce rate, click through rates to your page from the search engine results and social signals.
  •   Results take two forms: paid and organic search results
  •   All this happens in 1/8th of a second.
  1. Fighting spam 24/7
  •   Google fights spam 24/7 to keep your results relevant.
  •   The majority of spam removal is automatic. Google examines other questionable documents manually. If they find spam, they’ll take manual action and penalize website rankings of those that violate Google’s policies.
  •   When Google takes a manual action, it makes an attempt to notify the website owners.
  •   Site owners can fix their sites and let Google know that they’ve rectified the problem.

Algocentric understands the basics of SEO, how the search engines work, the difficulties and the effective methods required to rank high on a major search engine. Gone are the days when businesses used to pay huge amounts of money on the traditional advertising channels like print, tv and radio. This means, that not only are these methods expensive, they are not as effective as the SEO strategies deployed by professional SEO agencies like Algocentric Digital Consultancy.



Tips for your dental website to remain on top of the search engines, using white-hat SEO strategies:

  •   Gaining Backlinks

A backlink is essentially a link from a different website linking to your website. These links are generally viewed by most major search engines as a promotional strategy for your website. To get the full benefits of back-linking, you should submit your sitemap with fresh quality content to Google after publishing it on your dental website.

Alternatively some publishers ask other online bloggers to write content for their website, and allow you to include your very own link at the end of the article and point it to your site. Quality backlinks can ensure that you appear high in search results, and get noticed by the right audience.

  •   Effective & Consistent Blogging

Search engine optimization as a tool is solely based on the concept of relevant and quality content. Make sure that the information you are sharing is relevant to the dental industry and your audience, so that the search engines can place you as close as possible to the top of search engine results. The higher the relevancy of your content is, the greater the chances of you being on top of the search engine, and that’s the real power of dental SEO.

  •   Using Meta Tags:

There are several ways to optimize your dental website and content to bring it to the top of the major search engine results. One of the most effective components of dental SEO is focusing on meta tags that can be found in the source code of your dental website. Using strategic keywords to optimize every page of your website, you should use one specific keyword on every page and place it inside the meta tag so that any search engine crawling your site understands what the page is about. However, don’t over do it to avoid being penalized by Google.

The other important aspect of the meta tag functionality is the “meta description”. A concise and well-written meta description can make a world of difference accurately depicting the dental services you offer locally and improve click-through-rates.

SEO services are known to yield better results, over traditional advertising, for any business especially if you are a dental service provider and want to optimize your business growth against the cost of marketing dollars. With that being said, you owe it to your business to hire the best experts when you focus on immediate results, long term advantages, and cost to improve your business growth, so be sure to choose the Algocentric Digital Consultancy.


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