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SaaS General Marketing

12 SaaS Marketing Certifications To Enroll In Before Marketing Your Product

SaaS marketing frequently interacts with several marketing branches at once, so having a SaaS marketing certification can help you juggle SEO, inbound marketing, cold emailing, content creation, copywriting, social media, video marketing and other tasks that might be challenging for someone new to this field. To succeed as a SaaS marketer, you must be able […]
The 4-Step Sales Funnel That Works

SaaS General Marketing: The 4-Step Sales Funnel That Works + {3 Killer Marketing Tactics}

Given the nature of the service, SaaS general marketing is significantly different from approaches in other industries. The transactions are online-based, without two sides ever having to meet face-to-face. Furthermore,    “As SaaS products are multilayered, you can offer different pricing plans and segregate the service based on features.”   Providers can give the target […]