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Compared with the time when technology was still a mystery to most parts of the world and the current era, a lot has changed in the business world. The technological advancements that we see today have played a very important role in the development of most, if not all of the successful businesses we have today. If you are keen and observant, you will realize that most of the business establishments that are doing great have one thing in common. They always use technology to advance and tap into relevant local markets and continuously grow bigger at a much faster rate than ever before. How to they do this week after week and month after month?

The answer lies within the fact that a lot of people have grown extremely dependent on the internet for most of their informational needs. When someone wants to know about something, a place, an establishment or even a prominent person, the first place they always turn to is a search engine. This goes to show us that our generation can only be reached through various online sources like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and many others.

This is inclusive of other smaller social media sites as well. For a lot of people, the first place they will check when they want information about a particular service or product is likely on Google or Bing. The results that always appear when one carries out a search are usually displayed based on the search engine’s algorithm. It all comes down to how Google or Bing ranks websites that contain information relevant to the user’s intended search term and how easy or difficult it is to rank for that specific term. This is the basic premise of Search Engine Optimization and local SEO.

Local SEO is currently a very popular way for many businesses to market their products and services to their local target audience. It is effective, fast and convenient, in that it will always help potential customers get what they need at the exact time they need it. This is an amazing way of advertising unlike the use of pamphlets, brochures or newspaper classifieds, which show a continuous drop in effectiveness year after year since major engines revolutionized the way people consume information. The old way of consuming information is quickly dying and moving to different digital platforms.

Generally a business will first need to have a website built and then look to optimize its content to appear as high as possible on different search engines. The website should contain all the relevant information about the services and products being offered. Everything about a business should be found on the website quickly and easily. After creating the website, local SEO is required on the website so that when anyone makes a local search related to your business services, your website shows up at the top of the search engine.

Therefore, dominating the local market by showing up at the top of any search engine like Google or Bing is critical to your business success. Usually, there are very specific keywords used by a user to find your website and it should consistently display relevant content related to your business. If the keywords are found on your website, the website will be listed on major search engine pages given that you also follow all other best optimization practices we discuss on our blog. Depending on how well the website is optimized, your website can rank higher or lower.

When a user is looking for information about a certain business online, search engines will use available content that’s deemed relevant and rank it according to 300+ ranking factors, which search engines keep as a closely guarded secret. Some of the big search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and some other smaller ones to name a few. When your website is well optimized, it will rank at the top of these search engines, and can be used to drive relevant visitors to your website. It’s not a secret either that 90% of users won’t click past the first page on any search engine and as search engines evolve their algorithms to adapt to changes in user’s browsing behavior, it gets more difficult every year to rank at the top of any search engine for valuable high intent keywords. In addition to that as algorithm updates roll out, search engines become more savvy in how they rank content.





A number of businesses nationwide have mastered the importance of local SEO. Most of them started small, but their discovery of the importance of online marketing in a generation that is ruled by the internet and technology at large contributed to their success, growth, and development. It does not matter how small a business is today. As long as the right mentality and methods are applied, its potential to grow is limitless given that they utilize the right approach to digital marketing.

The importance for a small business to use local SEO in Toronto especially, for its growth and development can never be emphasized enough. Most of Toronto’s small businesses will have an advantage using an affordable SEO service from various experts and by staying competitive they can continue expanding their territories, as long as they pick someone who’s credible and doesn’t look to manipulate the search engine results with black hat techniques. While the main agenda is being to target potential local clients through the online medium, optimizing one’s website is key when it comes to capturing quality business leads and keeping them around as clients. At the end of the day, it is all about the locals within your geographical location who browse online looking for businesses that offer specific products and services.

The beauty of local SEO today, is that, all businesses nowadays can find an affordable SEO service in Toronto to grow their clientele, regardless which business they’re in. It could be a law firm, a plumbing company, a cleaning company, a hospital, a dental clinic, a home renovation company, a painting company, or even a catering company. It really doesn’t matter! As long as the company offers services or products needed by enough people locally, it qualifies for local SEO.




When your website has been properly optimized utilizing best business practices, any search carried out by online users, using keywords that are consistent with the information on your website will get your website shown on the 1st results page of any big search engine like Google. By ranking high enough on the first page of a search engine to make sure the user can find you, you’ll be able to drive relevant traffic to your website. The higher the number of people searching for your business related services or products, the better your business will do for those keywords that rank high at the top of a major search engine. As they go through the search results, they may click  through to your website and learn about your company and the services and products you offer. The internet can be a lucrative opportunity for your business to grow if you leverage it properly.




The first place that most people turn to for answers to their questions today is online. Being exposed is not enough for your growing business. That’s because having a website that’s optimized for local search is only the first step when it comes to capturing a lead and is only the beginning of the searcher’s journey to inquiring about your service or product. You absolutely have to utilize other supporting methods like email marketing, social media and SEM Remarketing services to bring customers back to your website and remind them about your brand.

This also means that your website traffic must continuously grow to ensure your business can continue to grow alongside your growing traffic levels. Being able to capture relevant traffic is exactly what drives digital marketing success today, but an optimized website, that’s only the start of the customer’s journey to learning about your brand so make sure to have supporting channels working together to reach first time visitors on other platforms where they may potentially hang out.


Yes, local SEO serves to help people find relevant local listings quickly within their specified geographical location, but those people who are not always immediately nearby your business location, even if they’re searching on their mobile phone, can still find you. Despite them being farther or closer to your physical location, focusing your lead acquisition efforts on local SEO in Toronto can help you reach online users looking for your business. This way, you can extend your reach to a wider local area and grow your client base faster by reaching specific people that are looking for your services online. The other added benefit of using an affordable SEO service in Toronto is that once you achieve high local ranking you’re getting high intent and consistent traffic daily to your website for free without much additional effort or daily maintenance. Unlike search engine marketing where you pay for every click and you typically would ran out of budget before the day ends due to heavy competition, local SEO allows you to stay high up at the top day and night.

People also trust organic listings just as much as they trust paid advertisements and in some cases even more. There are some users who tend to ignore paid advertisements and only engage with the highest ranking organic results.

Local SEO Can Keep You Competitive Longer Once You Rank High

In the event that you do not have an optimized website, you can address that quite quickly, by focusing your attention on competitor’s strategy and within 4-6 months or even sooner, depending on the competitiveness of the keyword you can outrank your competitors. If you fail to understand what the competitive landscape looks like, and don’t take any action towards optimizing your website for local search, you will likely be losing out to competitors who have an optimized website that’s ranking highly. This means their businesses will grow to become bigger and more dominant locally, while you will continue to rely on referrals and other slower proven methods for your business growth.

Remember, it is natural for people to be drawn to establishments that always seem to be growing whether it’s online or offline in the real world. Therefore, focusing your attention on local SEO in Toronto can give you the ultimate advantage, to stay competitive, in a continuously changing world of business and to avoid being lost in the sea of competitors, while struggling to stay afloat. It’s important to note, that if your competition is easily found online and continuously focuses their effort on local SEO, they’re most likely seeing success from it. Thus, it’s a wise decision to invest time and resources into optimizing your website for optimal local reach to grow your business.




When you have optimized your website, whenever a search is made, your business’ website will always appear at the top in Google My Business listings, local maps and in organic results right below Google ads. Depending on your choice of keywords and the strategic approach you take, you always want to strive to stay high near the top and above your competitors for as long as you can. This means constantly keeping an eye on competitors strategies, like their linking efforts, content production consistency and evaluating their social media signals. This can become rather time consuming and most business owners don’t have countless hours in their day to do this, not to mention learn how algorithms work and what ranking factors to consider when ranking your website for local search.

We strongly advise to hire an SEO expert, a digital consultancy or a search marketing agency that specializes in local SEO services, so you can sit back and simply monitor the ranking progress of the SEO program. Don’t be misguided by premium agencies thinking they’re going to offer something significantly different in terms of results than what other more affordable agencies are capable of. Finding affordable SEO service in Toronto is possible and getting great results alongside is realistic if you’re on a smaller budget, but you still want some search engine visibility. Expensive service costs from premium agencies don’t guarantee you the top spot in Google or other major search engines, but they can get you there just like other search agencies will.    


By optimizing your website with the help of an affordable local SEO service in Toronto, your website will always show up at the top of any search engine, given that you follow the best white hat optimization practices and don’t attempt to use any black hat techniques or find loopholes. Many black hat SEO practitioners do this, because they try to outsmart Google, but remember the big “G” will eventually catch up to you and find a way to penalize your website for manipulating the search engines to artificially inflating rank.

As mentioned earlier, people always tend to click on the first few results with the mindset that it is the best. This means that the number of people that can potentially find you through the search engine to check out your website can be greatly increased. Essentially, the more relevant a keywords is to your business and the faster you rank for it, at the top of a major search engine like Bing or Google, the higher the traffic numbers will be. Therefore, when you see higher traffic volume, you’ll be able to directly correlate it to your business lead volume and this will ultimately affect your monthly business revenue.  


We’ve already discussed how an affordable SEO service in Toronto can expose your business to a lot of people, but we have to also consider that when you have a client and they liked your products or services, they are bound to give you a review. When a potential client is exposed to your website because it ranked at the top of a search engine and they go through the reviews, their confidence in your ability to deliver the best is boosted. Credibility of ranking at the top of any big search engine is often greatly underestimated, but it often yields wonderful results for small and medium sized businesses who are looking to experience business growth.

As you attempt to grow your business through your website, be sure to always remind your customers to write a review. A great review always takes a business a notch higher and can help boost rankings. People always trust positive reviews on major search engines like Google. They also trust negative ones even more, so make sure you utilize an online reputation management service to stop negative reviews from destroying your business online. Also ensure you offer the best service or products to your clients and remember to monitor your online reviews.


One of the ways that people used to advertise their businesses in the olden days included the use of various newspaper mediums and these worked very well for a while until internet and Google revolutionized the advertising landscape. With the growth and development of internet technology, most people prefer getting their information straight from a search engine today. No one seems to have time to go through endless newspaper sources anymore to get their information because it’s a slow and inefficient way to get information. The internet is much faster, easier and super efficient. It just makes good sense, to be available where people are constantly looking.  


Everybody today is turning to digital marketing by finding local SEO experts, digital agencies or digital marketing consultancies to leverage affordable local SEO services in Toronto to grow their businesses faster. Why should your business be left out? We highly recommend to contact a digital marketing consultancy to keep growing your business through the digital medium.

You may be an SMB, but how big you see yourself in regards to your business growth is what truly counts. Therefore, you must know what will take you a step higher each and every day. Get a free local SEO audit so you can start utilizing our affordable SEO service in Toronto today and see how much faster you can grow your business with Algocentric.


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