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24 key saas marketing metrics to watch

24 Key SaaS Marketing Metrics to Watch

Like other industries, SaaS brands use key marketing metrics to assess performance. Most of these companies depend on key SaaS marketing metrics like online traffic to drive leads, so they commonly use digital channels such as Google, Facebook, and emails.  All these metrics are interconnected. While each can provide specific insight, we usually have to […]
incredible saas marketing statistics 2023

101 Incredible SaaS Marketing Statistics

When discussing SaaS products, we usually think of various inbound marketing tools. Companies use these programs to improve their content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and brand awareness. However, you can also use SaaS for accounting, logistics, finances, etc. SaaS marketing statistics provide deeper insights into this intriguing industry. By checking the data in […]
A Well-Known SaaS Marketing Mix Top Brands Used to Scale Fast

A Well-Known SaaS Marketing Mix Top Brands Used to Scale Fast + [Strategy Template]

Most people think that promotional activities, such as paid ads, are the focal point of marketing. However, this is just a tiny part of the concept. Companies use marketing to lay the groundwork for their brand long before they consider paying for billboards, TV, and radio commercials.  As the name implies, marketing refers to all […]
saas email marketing playbook for sending winning emails

The SAAS Email Marketing Playbook: How To Dominate Digital Marketing With Emails

SaaS marketers swear that emails are the best way of reaching potential customers. According to them, when properly executed, a single campaign can significantly increase a company’s customer base with minimal investment.  “Unlike SEO and SMM projects, an email marketing campaign allows you to connect with leads that are usually out of your reach.”   […]
Best SaaS Marketing Resources to Boost Your Business Success

Best SaaS Marketing Resources to Boost Your Business Success

As a marketer or SaaS business, staying ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape can seem daunting. With new marketing tools, platforms, and strategies emerging every day, it’s hard to know where to start to improve your marketing efforts. One thing is for sure, having a solid and effective marketing strategy can be just what’s needed […]
15 best saas marketing campaigns to inspire your business

15 Best SaaS Marketing Campaigns To Inspire Your Next Big Campaign

SaaS marketing campaigns are short-lived processes meant to achieve various company goals. We can use them to increase overall brand awareness, increase demand for a product or service, reduce negative publicity, increase website visitors, etc. Just about any promotional activity can be classified as a marketing campaign. For example, putting leaflets in neighbor’s mail was […]
high converting saas email marketing examples

9 High-Converting SaaS Email Marketing Examples You Can Use Now

The most efficient and direct method for businesses to communicate with their clients is email marketing. Even if social media campaigns may have impressive results, email is still a crucial part of any marketing plan.  Marketers in the B2B SaaS sectors are fully aware of the potential of email marketing. Delivering tailored, focused, and effective […]

Easy 3-Step Framework To Create a SaaS Startup Sales Strategy

Easy 3-Step Framework To Create a SaaS Startup Sales Strategy   Even if you have an incredibly cool app, your success will vary based on marketing. Unfortunately, many IT experts simply try to wing it when it comes to promotional activities. And by the time they realize things aren’t going as planned, they’re neck-deep in […]
Best SaaS Marketing Automation Tools for SaaS Businesses

5 Main Benefits of SaaS Marketing Automation & 8 Tools to Help You Scale Faster

It’s hard to imagine a digital business in 2023 that doesn’t use SaaS. Even if you’re running a traditional brick-and-mortar store that doesn’t rely on online sales, you’re probably using some software to simplify your processes. Whether you like it or not, SaaS marketing automation is the only way to stay ahead of the pack. […]

How Much Do SaaS Companies Spend On Marketing?

How Much Do SaaS Companies Spend On Marketing?   This is a common question that SaaS companies face when allocating their marketing budget. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, such as the size of the company, the stage of the product (pre-launch, MVP, PMF, Growth-Phase, Hyper-scaling), and the growth goals of […]