Website Design, Search Engine Marketing, Local SEO, Facebook Advertising For The Gym

We designed a conversion focused website, an extensive SEM strategy, hyper-targeted local SEO approach, added Facebook advertising and closed the loop with Re-marketing campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook.

Conversion Focused Website Design

When we were designing this client’s website we made sure to have a conversion centric approach to designing the site. We had to carefully craft and refine every single element of the website based on:

  • Aptitude For Social Virality
  • Mobile Optimization
  • UX
  • Website Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Google Analytics Data
  • Heat Maps Analysis
  • Funnel Data Analysis
  • A/B Testing
  • Split URL Testing
  • Polls and Feedback
  • SEO Friendliness

Our intel gathering came from extensive market research of other successful and unsuccessful competitors that provided us with valuable insights. We then took these insights into consideration and begun executing on the steps necessary to achieve a high converting website that doesn’t just impress the audience with its beautiful artsy look, but creates an elegant flow of information that engages the user with the brand on a personal level. Once they’re connected with the brand on an emotional level, enough trust is built that ultimately turns them into a brand evangelist, not to mention a client for life.

From the very start of the project we knew we had to understand crucial data insights on a deeper level in order to uncover pain points to conversion. This approach was going to play a crucial part in lifting the site’s conversion rates. It’s not a secret that page speed is a critical component in conversion rate optimization and we made sure that every page was following the best code optimization practices and guidelines suggested by Google and other major search engines. This meant optimizing and minimizing certain code or potentially removing certain elements of the site entirely to achieve unparalleled speeds.

Designing a great looking website is important, but designing a website with specific conversions in mind is what separates successful internet marketing strategists from those that don’t achieve their ultimate goals. Thus, our clients win online not because we design “applesque” landing pages, but because we take a comprehensive data centric approach to ensure users can quickly find the relevant content they’re after and inquire about the service with fewer steps by eliminating unnecessary steps.

Once we eliminated barriers to conversion and provided a massive amount of value in a form of highly researched relevant content for our perfect prospect, they felt a compelling sense of trust to inquire about the offer.

Regardless which digital channel they came from, Google or Facebook, because we profiled our audience’s interests, emotional triggers, biggest challenges to their fitness success and personality profiles, we were able to deliver strong valuable content to address their issues and market this to the right audience that’s in-market for this already.

Google SEM & Facebook Video Marketing

Reaching an in-market audience can be a hit or a miss. This is why we thoroughly evaluated what demographic and types of keyword we wanted to go after. Identifying the right platform was also very key for the success of our campaigns.

We had to engage the audience with a relevant, compelling message and hit the bullseye. Thus, we immersed ourselves in learning about the competitive landscape of ads on Google and Bing by utilizing spy tools and keyword analysis tools to help us identify the “sweet spot”. This critical component allows us to keep our CPC reasonable and help us ensure we get enough traffic to our highly optimized landing pages.

Refining and optimizing different PPC channels is important. Scaling and growing spend in certain parts while cutting away others is what we focused on every single week. This means tracking every component of every single campaign down to each keyword, bid and lead and reducing spend across channels that don’t convert within our established CPA metric.

Facebook video advertising was our secondary supporting channel. Facebook’s lead campaigns can be very effective if you get your targeting right. That’s what we set out to do with our Facebook Video marketing campaigns. We carefully gathered intel to identity which interest segments were getting us the most leads and generating the most engagement across different campaigns. After much testing and refinement we found the winning combination of ads, interest segments and then we were able to build out the “perfect profile” of our target audience. This led to a higher conversion rate and lower CPC along with higher quality scores in our campaigns. This meant we spoke directly to our core demographic with the most engaging and effective messaging carefully designed to reach their emotional triggers.    

Re-Marketing On Facebook & Google

Re-marketing to our audience was another critical step for the success of our campaigns on the two major platforms – Google and Facebook. This means when somebody visited a site, we placed a cookie in their browser in order to remind the visitor about the brand and bring them back to the site so they can further learn about the brand’s message and continue moving towards conversion in their customer journey. This process of turning a cold prospect to a warmer one by growing their awareness about the brand pushed them closer to inquiring about training programs and memberships. This continuous process of reminding them about the brand and pushing them through the prospect funnel to become a hot lead and eventually a brand evangelist is what we were striving for. Nothing breeds successful brands like its own brand customer evangelists, who advocate your brand on their behalf to their immediate social circle in person or on social media. This was our secondary goal and we hit some milestones on that front as well. 

Local SEO Strategy

Finding their brand online for relevant highly searched terms at the start of our local SEO campaign was next to improbable. This was a massive undertaking because we knew this channel would be crucial in supporting our SEM and Paid Social efforts. After all, focusing on customer journey and micro moments is what it’s all about in today’s fast paced digital marketing world. You simply have to be there at the right time and the right channel. Otherwise, the customer will find your competitor and engage with their brand instead and ultimately buy from competitors instead.

We focused on PPC channels working alongside Local SEO optimization efforts for their respective location. Discovering the right PPC keywords that convert is crucial to Local SEO optimization. When people look for a specific service and convert on specific keywords, we made sure our client was ranking at the top of the first page on Google for those keywords to take up as much search real estate as possible. This also meant, that not only did we rank our client on that keyword for the sake of ranking, we knew those particular keywords would bring them business consistently as long as they rank at the top of Google.  

We made a significant push towards outranking local competitors on Google Maps by optimizing listings for specific keywords, making sure the client was getting great Google reviews, restructured citation building, focused on optimizing geo location maps and strengthened the whole approach with advanced link building strategies.

Overall we were able to lift the conversion rate from 1.5% to 9.8% by refining the different elements of the website and optimizing the website traffic to bring in highly relevant visitors that are ready to engage with the brand and convert faster. 

Results Algocentric Achieved For The Client

Website Development

A/B Testing

Local SEO Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Facebook Marketing


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9.8 %