Search Engine Marketing & Local SEO For The Lawyer Agency

We crafted an SEM strategy and focused on optimizing the website for Local Search using cutting edge local SEO optimization techniques

Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Marketing was the main pillar behind driving consistent leads for our client. Search engine visibility for this client was essentially non-existent, because their lead system was entirely based on referrals, so our main priority was to design a keyword strategy that would yield potential business immediately.

Our goal with this SEM campaign was to discover which keywords would bring in business for the client consistently on weekly basis. We wanted to understand which keywords were the main lead drivers and added the most value to the bottom line, just so we could use these specific terms to implement them in our Local SEO strategy. In simple terms, this allowed us to ensure the local SEO strategy had keywords that wouldn’t just rank the client at the top of Google, but would also bring in business every single week. Most agencies promise to rank their client at the top of Google or on the first page, but they haven’t tested any of the keywords to ensure their local SEO strategy will bring in business on consistent basis.

Certainly the world of digital marketing is getting more and more complex every year as users are becoming more savvy and do more comparison shopping online. We knew they would likely research multiple lawyers at the same time so we had to design an offer that was irresistible. That’s why our re-marketing display campaign was split testing a few different key messages to entice the prospect to click through to the landing page and engage further with the client’s service offer and learn more about the law firm. Crafting a message that allows the customer to create an emotional bond with their future law firm was the main idea, so we did some research to understand our audience on a deeper level and create a compelling message that spoke directly to the prospects emotional part of the brain. This was a difficult task, but the click through-rates continued to slowly rise and improve overtime, reducing our cost-per-click every month.

This is why we had implemented a display remarketing campaign to ensure cold traffic would return to the website and warm up to our client’s content and eventually initiate a contact. Search & Display Remarketing is an integral part of most SEM campaigns we put together and this client’s strategy was no exception, because bringing the prospect back to the website, time after time, has proven to turn cold traffic into warm leads for the law firm.

Bridging the gap between curiosity and trust is usually achieved by providing valuable content for a potential prospect, who’s still in the research phase. We did just that, by creating an emotional bond through our content marketing initiatives, during the span of their decision cycle. This strategy yielded in an increase of inquires as compared to previous years’ months.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Content marketing is king in the landscape of competitive SEO strategies. This is not a secret in 2017 by any means, but many people don’t put in the time to research their competitive landscape and define the right approach to take with their content marketing. Most people produce low quality content that’s also lacking a unique perspective for every piece of content they produce. Content marketing isn’t the name of the game, but rather unique highly researched, relevant content that speaks to the user’s emotional brain and helps address the user’s search query concern. This is exactly what we focused on with our local SEO efforts.

Most agencies are focused on technical SEO, but the reality of ranking content at the top is that, it needs to truly provide serious value for the users. This is so because, great unique content outweighs technical SEO optimization techniques and building links or local citations or even creating social profiles to help boost rank. We certainly had a technical aspect to optimization as part of our strategy, so we also wanted to focus on the following aspects of optimization:

  • mobile responsiveness
  • improving site speed
  • minifying code
  • Restructuring the site navigation and architecture
  • Adding footer links and social widgets
  • Social citation building
  • Business listings profile optimizations
  • Local citation building
  • Link building with content marketing & outreach

After our continued Local SEO optimization effort, we were able to increase traffic by 370% from ~3,500 visitors a month to ~12,950. Our conversion rate with SEM increased from 1.9% at the start of the campaign to 2.5% across our whole account over a period of 8 months. Constant refinement and optimizations for the whole account yielded in great results for the client.

Results Algocentric Achieved For The Client

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