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From the very beginning of 2014, the vision behind Algocentric was to provide SaaS businesses with an opportunity to get A.I. based premium agency services and reduce the entry barrier into the competitive landscape of online marketing. We believe premium services and access to high-end marketing platforms should be accessible by every type of SaaS business and that’s exactly what we set out to do with Algocentric. It’s truly exciting for us to deliver on our promises to clients every single month, year after year and share happy moments as they grow.

Sergey Solonenko Algocentric Digital Founder
Sergey-Solonenko-Founder-Algocentric Digital Consultancy


At Algocentric, our business growth depends on our client’s results and that’s why we obsess over every single metric on every account to fuel our client’s business growth. Our clients trust us because we continuously educate them about their campaign progress and explain every detail of our strategy to address all their online marketing needs. We monitor the performance of every account religiously so you can focus on running your business, serving your clientele and finding more time for your personal life.   

Each and every SaaS business is unique and so is every campaign strategy. Our mission is to help generate over 1 Billion dollars in total revenue across all of our small business accounts by year 2025. This means our strategy is always aimed to help every small business owner grow an online presence at an exponentially higher rate and ensure that you dominate the local market in a big way. That’s why we use cross-platform marketing strategies that tailor specifically to your individual business goals, in order to meet your ROI expectations that add to the profits month after month.

We always recommend a mixed channel strategy to all of our clients to ensure they succeed in today’s competitive landscape of the digital marketing world. This means a mix of AdWords Pay-Per-Click, Social Advertising and some SEO optimization to support their growth across different channels. We want to ensure that, when micro moments happen, your online search visibility is high and customers can find you on Google’s Organic results, at the top of Google by using Ads, in the newsfeed of Facebook, Twitter’s feed, Youtube in-stream ads, LinkedIn mobile, Instagram mobile, Google Maps Listings on mobile and desktop and many other directories or websites that are critical to your strategy.

We believe that every single business has unique business needs and our highly custom approach to every single SMB strategy is really what defines Algocentric from cookie-cutter agencies that re-use the same website templates, strategies, AdWords campaigns, spun content and indulge in other black-hat techniques that can hurt the website’s SEO rankings in the long run.

We focus on immediate results with a “low hanging fruit” approach, while also locking your market down with a long-term strategy to ensure you get the desired results. This means as your business grows, you can keep expanding your search engine visibility with us, as Algocentric grows alongside. We also believe in full account transparency and ongoing education to explain every single metric, concept and strategy to all of our clients to ensure they understand where each and every dollar goes. This means you own all your accounts and have full access to all your metrics and we’ll always go the extra mile to explain everything to you.

In a data driven business world, we make sure we gather every single available piece of intelligence we can for your business in order to maximize your ROI. This means we use cutting edge data analytics tools that organize an immense amounts of information for your business to give you an edge over your competitors in every sense. These tools allows us to compile highly accurate demographics, analyze personality profiles to define your perfect customer, keyword research tools and other software required to run your account at the most efficient level.

Most people don’t understand what their agencies do for them, so we do our absolute best to be as transparent as possible with every single account. We test, refine and improve every metric on your website and advertising account continuously to ensure your success is sustainable. Our strategy is always fluid and changes based on the market trends and new developments. This allows us to pivot your strategy, at any point and ensure you can weather the storms during certain times of the year and remain on top in your local market. 

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